Software Quality Management  Analysis and Measurement

The analysis phase begins with the determination of all kinds of activities applied to quality in the institution. The analysis of existing software quality studies is discussed in culture, process, tools, and organization from 4 different perspectives.


Software test life cycle (STLC)  6 main phases are examined detailed during the analysis. 

Requirement analysis.

Test Planning.

Test case development.

Environment Setup.

Test Execution.

Test Cycle Closure•   

The values, habits, acceptances, and relationships experienced within the organization are looked at. In this study, it is determined how the quality is positioned and maintained in-house.
Organization structuring, roles and responsibility definitions, the definition of improvement needs are defined and traceable according to the test focus.

The internal awareness, usage, and accessibility of the tools used in the institution are examined. Evaluation is made by taking into consideration the necessity and effectiveness of the tools.

After the fields of measurement are scored, the degree of analysis is determined to the level of maturity


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