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For more than 20 years, we have been working in many different roles and responsibilities in different sectors and have been involved in projects of different sizes and contents.

As the world rapidly digitized, we have witnessed that the effect of not meeting quality requirements at the same speed and the impact on corporate costs are becoming more and more visible every day.

From major transformation projects whose budgets have doubled to two or three times what is projected, but never end, to applications that reach the end user but have never been owned by the user due to a bad experience, despite the huge amount of money spent, the real business needs we've come across many examples, ranging from projects that produce outputs that can't meet.

And when we saw that these examples were growing exponentially, we decided to put our hands under the stone so that digital transformation could take place most efficiently, creating awareness that quality is a necessity, not a luxury, and contributing to transformation. We volunteered.

We set out to be a company that will realize the quality understanding of the future from today.

  • Creating value with innovative and customized solutions

  • We promised to produce with a team of free, happy and experts with a passion

Finding a name to express ourselves as part of our story... "Virgo is a symbol of quality, perfectionism", "-Sol" is a Solutions". The name VIRGOSOL has emerged as a name befitting a company that offers "quality, excellent and detail-caring solutions". It is not a coincidence that one of the founding partner's horoscope is Virgo, and one of Virgo's meanings in Turkish vocabulary, is the other partner's last name, we see it as a sign and choose our name.


  • Significant contributions, courage, passion, sincerity, freedom and continuous learning


  • To provide the service we promise, to promise the service we can offer

  • To understand the specific need for the institution and to produce fast, practical and feasible solutions

  • To provide services in international standards and market,

  • Using products that increase the value of all the services it offers

  • To be an innovative and reliable solution partner that adds value to its customers

  • Investing in the training, expectations, and development of its employees

  • Create an alternative organization for bright and creative minds to work abroad


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