With our code quality and analysis service; By supporting software development activities, we make the level of technical borrowing that is difficult to detect with traditional tests and which may be a problem in the future. We ensure that projects with high technical maturity are produced.
The platform has two types of independent static and dynamic code analysis.  Code analysis is done manually and automatically.
•    Static code analysis
In static code analysis, the detection of errors and vulnerabilities, source code metrics, architectural analysis, compliance with coding standards and reverse engineering studies are carried out with various measurement tools.
Weaknesses detected during analysis; it is decided whether to correct the level of criticality and the result of the cost/benefit analysis.
The code coverage rate of the written unit tests, technical borrowing, complexity, and sustainability areas are reported by metrics.
After Static Code Analysis, improvement proposals for the Software Development Process are also forwarded. This analysis is also integrated into the Continuous integration structure, ensuring the continuity of the benefit from static code analysis.

•    Dynamic code analysis
In dynamic code analysis, we have customized solutions for different technologies. The manual and automated tests performed at the integration and system levels can be presented in a modular structure in which parts of the code pass through. This analysis, which is performed during the operation of the code, also provides information about hardware components such as the CPU and memory.
The adequacy of the written test scenarios and the test coverage ratios of the products implemented are reported and made traceable by metrics.
Improved Test Models based on Calculated Risks with Static and Dynamic Analysis


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